the first lemonperson, lemongrab, was born in PBs lab and was her first expieriment gone wrong, seeing as though he was born violently flailing his arms and screaming

then we PB shrank back to being 15, he came back to the candy kingdom and claimed rulership, sending people to the dungeon for pranking him too hard. Example:

then PB turns 18 again and fires the bitter lemongrab, so he gets up on his lemoncamel and rides off into the sunset to who knows where

then he returns to candy kingdom with the sole purpose of watching people while they sleep like the creepy motherfudger he is, until PB discovers him and he explains that he only does this out of lonliness and a desire to rule then promptly has a meltdown and tears off all his clothes while screaming and running around

after a series of PBs failed attemps at getting him to behave around other people, lemongrab sends everyone into his recondiditoning chamber at castle lemongrab and tries tries to hit them with his epic sound sword

however, finn heroically steps in and saves the prisoners, which surpirises the grab, but he is even more surprised to see a lemonclone of him. they start frantically poking each other and become buddies almost instantly

after a few adventures with ice king, tree trunks and neptr, he finds PBs formula for creating life and makes a whole bundle on lemonpeeps, who they then care for and love like a family. it begins to look like the lemonfolk are staring to learn compassion for others, yay!!

turns out their compassion isnt worth sh*t, cuz they start getting addicted to making lemon people out of candy, even when they could use the candy to feed the starving lemonpeeps... but they dont cuz theyre giant turds.

but fear not! PB saves the day once again by erasing the candy creating formula from their tiny little lemonbrains and they go back to living "happily"... HOWEVER!! the lemongrabs relationship begins to deterioate seeing as though they cant agree on how to raise their lemondoll, lemonsweets (lemongrab wants him to dance but lemongrab 2 says he needs to sleep)

they break lemonsweets completely destroy their once cute and loving relationship, turning it into something hateful and full of crap. the original lemongrab turns into a full-fledged dictator and eats his brother (which sucks cuz he was küle), afer he released finn PB and lemonhope from the dungeon

PB and finn take lemonhope to the candy kingdom and teach him how to be a good lemon (using a series of tasks involving cupcakes) so he can take down lemongrab and free the lemonpeeps

when he confronts lemongrab, he pukes up lemongrab 2, who tells him to play his harp. he does so and plays it until the evil grab explodes, blowing up him, the other lemongrab and several other lemonschildren around them.

PB sews the best pieces of each lemon and creates lemongrab 3, who is basically just the same lonley lemon from the beggining, seein as though thats his only stable state. hes left alone in the castle and thats the end of that.